Barry Lowe

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Short Stories in Anthologies and Magazines

Spin the Bottom

Taking the Bait

Middle Man for Madame Blavatsky

Sharp as a Razor

Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Love on Tofu

Cockroach and Egg


Soggy Biscuit

A Slight Taste of Pineapple

Piss Elegant

Soggy Biscuit

We Love You, Fluffy Date

Beauty, Mate

Climbing Up the Wall

Window of Opportunity

Sod ’em 

Paias Wynstan Jeroboam Orders a Hot Chocolate

Off the Peg


The Conjunction of Liver Spots

Top of the World

Blowing Hot and Cold

Liquid Assets

Let the Games Begin

Four on the Floor

Right Up My Alley

Full o' Fun

Gut Reaction


Night of the Moggy


Skinny Dipping

Blowing Hot and Cold

Flesh for Fantasy

Room with a View