Barry Lowe

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ISBN 978-1-60054-718-8

eBook Cover Price: 5.99

Length: 212 pdf Pages  / 41664 words

M/M Drama, Gay Erotica, Contemporary

Heat rating: 4



Body hair is making a comeback!


Move over hairless twinks. Stand aside waxed wankers and depilatorized dudes – your bodies look like plucked chickens. Once again, the hirsute look is making inroads into the gay community. Long live beards and moustaches. Here’s to the return of pubic hair and furry ass cracks. Let’s hear it for thatched tummies, chest pelts, and back hair.

In this bearotica anthology, bears, cubs, otters, and their admirers, rub hairy body parts in a myriad of fashions as only Barry Lowe can write them. There’s humor in a young twink who wants to top his best mate’s Daddy Bear; sizzling cuckoldry when a bear watches his mate triple played on their living-room floor; violence and retribution in a relationship gone stale when a battered partner finds his inner grizzly; love and hope when an older bear finds his cub; and the best kind of revenge when a young twink who is constantly belittled as an ugly hairy duckling discovers he’s really a swan.


Bear Skin was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica and includes – Carbon Dating the Bear; Bumming a Fag; Four on the Bear Floor; Beauty, Mate; There’s a Bear in There; Busting a Gut; Steam Punk; Piss Elegant; and The Bear’s Guide to Depilatory Wax. – all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica.


"My fav story was...‘The Bear’s Guide To Depilatory Wax.’. It just about broke my heart whereas the others either made me laugh out loud or snicker and shake my head with disbelief at what I was reading." **** stars. S.M. Franklin, GoodReads.