Barry Lowe

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Good-looking, nineteen-year-old twink, Vincent, can’t get laid—at least by the men he fancies—daddies. What’s he to do when he meets and falls for his best friend’s father, especially when he doesn’t even know if he’s gay?

Vincent seemingly has it all: he’s nineteen, slim, good-looking, and much sought after by men. Problem is, he doesn’t go for boys his own age; he prefers mature, daddy-types, and not only that, he likes to top them in bed. When Ned, his best friend’s dad turns up, Vince pursues him unashamedly even though he doesn’t know if Ned is gay or straight. It complicates matters even further when Ned mistakes Vince for a call boy. When a frustrated Vince finally makes a move on the older man, it threatens to ruin not only his friendship with Ned, but also with his best mate Robbie.

Carbon Dating was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.
eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 32 pdf Pages / 4472 words

Gay, Erotic Romance Drama

Heat rating: 4