Barry Lowe

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Length:  50200 words



Let’s all be homo for the holidays.


Ebenezer Spooge has nothing on the heroes and anti-heroes of these four tales of holiday cheer. In Jazmin Starr’s Christmas Carol, the heroine decides to spend the holiday break with her trusty vibrator and a collection of gay porn. Things go horribly wrong and she finds herself inveigled into pretending to be the girlfriend of one side of a hunky gay couple. The price for her compliance is high: she wants to watch the two men make love.


Barry Lowe’s three stories complete the set. In Fifty Shades of Fey, one of Santa’s elves gets himself into all sorts of trouble when he attempts to break into a house to read the Naughty or Nice Meter. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when he falls asleep in the dungeon’s leather sling. OMG! Santa’s Got a Six-Pack! is a holiday romance in which a twink comic designer falls for Mr. Perfect, an older man whom he believes to be married. This story’s happy ending will have you reaching for the tissues. In Christmas on the Rocks, Steve and Billy continue their incredible adventures of raw, hard sex. Billy takes on a pre-Christmas job as a pizza delivery boy but, much to Steve’s chagrin, it isn’t just pizza that Billy delivers. Will their relationship survive? This one will also have you reaching for the tissues – but for a very different reason.