Barry Lowe

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Communing with nature is hell on your heels.
Gay tour guide, Seth, has lost a bet and now has to face the consequences. His penalty is to conduct his next group tour in full drag. He doesn’t have a problem with that except of all destinations on his itinerary this one is to the South Coast with an overnight at the famed Tree-Tops Walkway Rainforest Resort. Management and staff have let be known they don’t appreciate a ‘group of queers’ descending on their establishment, preferring Seth take his business elsewhere, so when Seth, in full female regalia including high heels, descends on the tourist attraction with his group the sparks are gonna fly. Matters come to a head when Seth gets his high heels caught in the metal walkway and twists his ankle badly so that he has to call a ranger for help.
Hard on his Heels was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

eBook Cover Price: 2.99

 Length: 38 pdf Pages / 5960 words

 Gay Romance, Drama, Bisexual/Transgender

 Heat rating: 3