Barry Lowe

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Length: 32 pdf Pages / 4801 words

Gay, Drama, Erotica

Heat rating: 5



Would you give up your ass for the sake of ambition?
Toby is expected to become a plumber like his dad and his dad before him, but it’s not in Toby’s blood. He has ambition. He wants out of Pitfall Creek (Population 1200) and into the big wide world outside. He wants to get as far away from his small-town and small-minded girlfriend as he can. He’s not exactly sure what he wants from life but he knows he will do what it takes to get it. When he heads off to college his resolve is tested. Just how far is he prepared to go to join the most prestigious fraternity on campus?
Spin the Bottom was first published in Pledges: Gay Erotic Stories (Cleis Press, 2013) and also by loveyoudivine Alterotica.