Barry Lowe

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A gay murder mystery with recipes


Someone on the train has an appetite for murder!


Kadeb 'Buddy' Reznor is gorgeous, hung like an elephant, built like a brick shithouse, and the host of the world's top-rated television cooking program, The Six-Pack Chef. So why is someone trying to kill him?

As The Gravy Train wends its way from London to Vienna, with stops in some of the hottest cuisine capitals of Europe, Kaden is the 'icing on the cake' among the chafs employed to create extravagant dishes and present classes to the foodie audiences aboard the luxury train. But his sexual partners keep dropping dead until even he realises his life is in danger. Why can he traust? All that stands between him and certain annihilation is a mysterious young man who has been sent as his assistant, and the CEO of the train tour company whom he ravaged on the London Eye.






"...reaches heights of comic absurdity in its eventual happy Agatha Christie/James Lear ending...manages to keep the identity of the villain a secret until the denouement and like James Lear, keeps the sexual volume ramped or rumped up to the end, managing also some sweet and melting moments..." Jim Anderson, Sydney Bookmen

ISBN 978-1-60054-730-0

 eBook Cover Price: 8.99

 Length: 336 pdf Pages / words 68255

 Mystery/Suspense, Gay Erotica, Murder Mystery, Food

 Heat rating: 4