Barry Lowe

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CAST: Brett Tucker, Anthony Neate, Don Atkinson, Elizabeth Fleming, Stephanie Power, Anthony Morton, Jane Badler, Tamasyn Ramsay, Amelia Davies, Linda Perkins, Ezra Bix, Chris Wallace, Simon Oats, John Flaus


Adapted from the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald


January-February 1998





Performing Arts Projects in association with Foster Gracie

Director: Robert Chuter

Producers: Russell Ousley & Robert Chuter

Script Editors: Robert Chuter & Russell Ousley

Line Producer: Linda Perkins

Stage Manager: James Bartram

Assistant Director: Charlie Clausen

Assistant Stage Manager: Benjamin T. Lineker

Production Assistants: Kirk Robson, Victoria Giummarra, Lucy Heathcote, Patrick N. Simon

Food Stylist/Floral Arranger: Theresa A. Stastny

Costume Design & Execution: Yvette Browne, George Chan

Millinery Design & Execution: Yvette Browne, George Chan

Wardrobe Co-ordinator: Kylie Mitchell

Men's Costumes: Robert Chuter

Hairstyling: Effbee Creative (Carlton)

Make-Up: Helene Abicair Academy

Photography: Chris Kapa

Photography Assistant: Rocket

Photographic Hairstyling: Brendan Stenner, Paul MacAuley - Effbee Creative (Carlton)

Photographic Make-Up: Helen Magelaki

Choreographer: Elizabeth Bellotti

Graphic Design: ISM Design - Hiroshi Kikuchi, Sebastian Giacotta