Barry Lowe

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ISBN 978-1-60054-728-7

eBook Cover Price: 8.99

Length: 320 pdf Pages / 69179 words

Group / Orgy / Ménage, Gay Erotica, Fetish

Heat rating: 5



Some guys simply can’t get enough!


Whether it’s an impecunious male stripper doing it at the behest of his ambitious boyfriend, a Victorian-era working class lad doing it to get information, a guy in drag for Halloween whose boyfriend can’t get it up anymore, or a guy who wants to teach his boyfriend a lesson, some men love the excitement of multiple partners where they are the focus of attention. Here are ten stories of the raunchiest gangbang erotica available from one of the best writers of the genre.


The More The Merrier was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica and includes – Marine Biology, Flesh for Fantasy, Sluts & Satyrs, Buck’s Night, Four On The Floor, Framing the Picture of Dorian Gray, Fuck Buddy, Seven Card Studs, Dude, Where’s The Bar? and New Year’s Steve – All previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

Flesh for Fantasy was first published in a slightly different form in Cargo #11 (BlackWattle Press, 1991)