Barry Lowe

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Length: 46 pdf Pages / 7320 words

Gay Romance, Drama  

Heat rating: 2






Some men are such big babies.


Blurb: Jason finds himself recruited to a whole new world when he takes his baby daughter, Chloe, out for a walk while on babysitter duty. In the local park he is befriended by a group of unlikely men, dads who use their new offspring as bait to attract young women to satisfy their sexual frustration. But Chloe has a secret. She has two mummies, and her daddy’s participation in her conception consisted of jerking off into a cup. Jason develops a close bond with some of the group and he’s concerned that if he comes out he’ll lose their friendship, so he keeps mum. But the closet door is wrenched wide open one fateful day when he’s caught in the park by a big-mouthed friend. The new dad’s group don’t react in quite the manner Jason expects when they learn the truth.  



"This is a really cute story, based on a very funny idea...If you like entertaining, slightly humorous stories, if you enjoy reading about a man whose priorities subtly change as he discovers another side to life, and if you're looking for a cute read with two very sweet main characters, then you will probably like this short story."

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Here’s my number, call me, baby.


Jason and Greg are desperate to consummate their newly acknowledged attraction but the Fates have other plans. When their babies, Chloe and Kees, aren’t making demands, Jason’s best friend, Karl, needs a home-away-from-home, and Chloe’s lesbian mums are horrified by Jason’s choice of babysitter so he and Greg can have a quiet moment together. On top of all that, Jason’s apartment is in danger of becoming a crèche for the New Dad’s Club. Finally, however, they manage their romantic night out, only to return home to devastating news about Kees.