Barry Lowe

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Length: 34 pdf Pages / 7558 words

Gay, Erotic Romance,

Heat rating: 4



Ooh! Ah! That’s the sound of the men working on the train gang.

Landon has just spent another miserable night at the bars. At the end of the night he finds himself devoid of his shoes, his wallet and any means of getting home or a warm bed for the night. He manages to catch the last train by jumping the turn style but ends up falling asleep, waking miles from home. With no chance of hitching a ride he sleeps curled up on a subway bench but he’s awoken by the savage blow of a sledge hammer next to his head. He looks up to find a brawny guy standing over him, sledge hammer raised.

Has Landon met a serial killer or the man of his dreams?  



You just never know what you’re going to find on the train. Sights, sounds, adventure, and even…(view spoiler)[down and dirty put-it-anywhere fucking and sucking! (hide spoiler)] *grins*

Landon, a “moderately hot just-past-twink-years bottom” is having a rough night. He’s having no luck getting lucky. But just when he decides and attempts to stumble on home horny and alone, Landon finds just what he needs.

In an almost matter-of-fact, this-happens-all-the-time cheeky tone and attitude, Landon shares his kinks, needs, and skills (*waggles eyebrows*) with the readers. All the scenes and buildup leading up to the tunnel of fun are vivid, comical, and swimming in atmosphere. I could feel the night chill on my skin. From the dim, colored vending machine lights to the rocks biting into Landon’s bare feet--that warm, dark graffiti covered train station and tunnel came alive on the page. It became a place so clear in my head. Mr. Lowe certainly pulled me in for a ride.

”What was with this guy? I’d just met him and already he was doing a passable imitation of cling wrap. Not that I minded but I’m just not satisfied with one man. Not any that I’ve found so far, at any rate.”

So what does Landon find down in the dark? Hank and the gang! Three horny, hung, creepy men working the rails. It’s pure porn fantasy on the page from there. With perhaps a surprise or two. I found myself actually liking Hank more than Landon. *shrugs* What? The big, hairy lug had some softness to his creepy. :D

A quick, raunchy read! Hop on board!

-Laura, GoodReads