Barry Lowe

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ISBN 978-1-60054-701-0

eBook Cover Price: 8.99

Length: 300 pdf Pages / 56996 words

Gay Erotica, Multiple Partners

Heat rating: 5




Is it cheating if it excites your boyfriend?


In this collection of gay cuckold erotica you’ll meet men who are complicit in their own ‘betrayal’ and those to whom it is a wake-up call. Whatever your taste you’ll find a story here, from a man at a college reunion who watches as his boyfriend cuckolds him with the bully from his former frat house; a young toy boy whose sexual favors are part of a takeover bid for his lover’s company, a callous actor who will hawk his virginal ass to his boyfriend’s employer for a chance at the big time, a young man who resorts to tarot in order to experience a threesome, a world famous television chef who enjoys watching his lover put out for fans, and a boyfriend who loves to secretly watch the humiliation of his lover at the hands of his friends and enemies alike.


Your Boyfriend is Hot: Gay Cuckold Erotica includes: From Here to Fraternity, Stripping His Assets, Indecent Exposure, Middle Man for Madame Blavatsky, A Cook’s Tour, and Topping the Pizza Delivery Boy (originally titled Christmas on the Rocks) - all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica.


 "This collection of short stories is exactly what it says it is. Entertaining pornographic literature for those ...interested in stories or fantasies about gay men having sex with others while their romantic or committed partners watch or are aware of it. This is for a specific segment of the erotic world, but for those willing to admit it (even to themselves); I think it is a turn on for a pretty large percentage of guys. It automatically triggers the “jealousy” response, but beyond that, it allows for some pretty hot possibilities."
                  - Michael Travis Jasper, author of the novel “To Be Chosen”